Our vision

The vision

Water Eaton will be founded in history and built for the future. It will reflect its location as an entrance to Oxford city, inspired and informed by the best of Cherwell and Oxford’s streets and spaces.

Water Eaton will be a diverse and healthy mixed-use intergenerational community, providing essential housing for Oxford. It will be connected to its neighbours, to the city, and to nature and the countryside. A place that people value, where sustainability, wellbeing and quality of life are fundamental.

The Vision for Water Eaton

Christ Church has established ‘overarching’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Draft ESG criteria were specifically formulated for this development proposal at the early stages for testing with the landowners, client team and stakeholders. These are designed to be forward looking and aspirational. Bellway Homes is committed to delivering this vision.

Our vision for Water Eaton, and those draft Development Principles emerging from the vision, have been subject to initial consultation. The Development Principles establish the basis for the design, construction and management of the development.

Ongoing work is seeking to establish specific targets and measurements against which the effectiveness of the proposals can be measured.

Our draft development principles are:

Stewardship - ensure strong leadership and governance in the design process for Water Eaton and create a lasting legacy.

Identity & Character - the identity and character of the place will be informed by the location of Water Eaton to create a sense of belonging and community.

Mix of uses - a local centre, primary school, and green spaces will all be within easy reach by walking and cycling and will be designed to enhance a sense of belonging for everyone.

Health & wellbeing - residents at Water Eaton will be surrounded by green spaces for activity, exercise and meeting with friends and neighbours. Landscaping will be productive, providing fruit, herbs and more.

Nature & Historic Environment - nature and wildlife will be incorporated into the development, green spaces will be accessible to all, and enhanced habitats created throughout the area. Net biodiversity gain and dark skies strategies will reduce impacts.

Sustainable movement - walking and cycling will be given priority. Streets will be places for people, not dominated by cars and parking. Parking and public spaces will be adaptable for potential changes in future use.

Energy & climate change - minimise carbon from construction. Reduce energy use. Maximise energy generation. Provide heating without the need for natural gas.

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