Work to date

Commitment to working with local communities

We want Water Eaton to be more than just a place for new homes. To ensure this is the case, a Vision and masterplan have been developed for the site – working closely with a range of stakeholders.

To progress our Vision and shape the design of development proposed for Water Eaton we have undertaken a range of technical meetings and workshops with representatives from Cherwell District, Oxford City, and Oxfordshire County councils.

Enquiry by Design - July 2021

A virtual Enquiry by Design (EbyD) process was carried out in July 2021. Participants attending included representatives of local communities and interest groups, and well as technical stakeholders. Officers from Cherwell District, Oxford City and Oxfordshire County councils were also in attendance.

These events set out some initial ideas in relation to the key principles for the site. These included the policy requirements, and emerging environmental, social and governance principles. Discussing the vision for with participants helped identify key issues, concerns and potential solutions.

Numerous concerns, comments, ideas and suggestions were captured during these EbyD workshops, all of which have been considered in developing an initial draft masterplan.

Key points raised through the EbyD were:

  • Co-locate the local centre and school centrally on the site
  • Create a strong community through joint use of facilities
  • Carefully consider how cycling could be introduced in Cutteslowe Park
  • Consider building a pedestrian bridge across Oxford Road
  • Conservation and protection of wildlife
  • Deliver multi-functional green spaces for wildlife, health and well-being

Copies of the presentations and outputs from the EbyD process are available to view HERE

Public consultation - 8 to 24 October 2021

The draft masterplan derived from the Enquiry by Design (EbyD) formed the basis of the proposals presented during the initial stage of public consultation held in October 2021.

This initial consultation was an opportunity to provide your views on the vision and draft masterplan for the site. This feedback helped inform and shape the proposals at this early stage and contribute to the development of the vision for Water Eaton.

You can view our public consultation materials and a summary of the feedback we received HERE.

Design development consultation- 30 June to 29 July 2022

Following the first stage of consultation in October 2021. The project continued to shape and refine proposals for Water Eaton.

While not having yet reached a stage of being ready to present our draft planning application, we undertook a further round of consultation in June/July 2022 to invite views on certain fundamental aspects of the emerging masterplan, access arrangements and designs for the Oxford Road corridor.

You can view copies of the materials produced to support this consultation, a recording of the online webinar we held, and a summary of feedback received HERE

Public consultation- 7 December to 20 January 2023

The Winter 2022/3 consultation was an opportunity to see how the project has evolved and to provide further feedback and comments prior to the formal consultation when the application is submitted to Cherwell District Council.

It was also a chance for the Bellway team to meet stakeholders and residents, after acquiring the land from Christ Church in September 2022.

Thank you to everyone who responded and providing feedback during the consultation period. Understanding your thoughts and concerns has helped the project to maximise the benefits of the scheme to the local community and make it as environmentally sustainable as possible.

You can view the information we consulted on by visiting the ‘Project Documents’ page on our website.